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Hannah DeVos

Registered Massage Therapist


From a young age, Hannah knew she wanted to help people in the world of health care. Hannah’s passion for massage therapy and chiropractic care developed alongside her basketball career.

For five years, Hannah played basketball at a competitive level and often went to chiropractors and massage therapists to receive care. After graduation, Hannah spent three years doing anatomy, chemistry, and physics at Douglas College. She then completed WCCMTs 5000-hour program, graduating in December of 2020 at the top of her class with a 4.0 GPA.

In Hannah’s first year as an RMT, she was drawn to a few areas of practice in particular. These include neck pathologies (including whiplash, headaches, concussions, and torticollis), as well shoulder pathologies (including frozen shoulder, AC joint injuries, and nerve entrapments).

Hannah’s experience also Includes practicing in a clinic that focused on neurological development work with children and teenagers. She has experience working with youth from as young as five years old to adolescents. She believes it’s important to teach consent, body awareness and injury prevention at a young age.

Though her high school basketball days are over, you can catch her working out in the gym multiple times a week, volunteering at Avant Life, hiking the beautiful trails of Squamish, and spending time reading and learning.