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Minda Johnson

Registered Massage Therapist


Minda Johnson graduated from the WCCMT 3000 hour Massage Therapy diploma in 2009.

Since graduating, she has taken many additional training courses in Myofascial release, Visceral manipulation, Craino-sacral, Scar Tissue release, Osteopathic techniques, and holds over 500 hours in Yoga Teacher Training. She has also completed a two year course in Biodynamic Myofascial Mobilization, as well as courses in Breast Feeding for Healthcare providers, Birthing Doula, and Post C-section treatment.

Minda feels honored to be doing this work and see the amazing benefits that it has for many ailments. She is very passionate about helping empower people in their journey of health and wellness and recognize the complexities of each person, and the experience of their body, pain and ailment is totally unique to them.

In treatments, she engages with a whole body intention; an understanding of the deeper connections within the anatomy; listening to what the body is asking to be released; finding what is causing the symptoms, rather than just trying to ease symptoms. She works to help increase mobility and decrease pain through treating the many layers of the body.

She is also passionate about supporting women through the journey of pregnancy, as well as helping them find stability, and connection as they adapt to the changes in their bodies from pregnancy, labor/delivery and recovery.

Minda has a lot of experience in post surgical scar tissue release, such as C-sections, joint repair and/or replacement, abdominal surgeries, and breast augmentation (ie breast cancer,  reductions, gender affirming surgeries.)

When not working, Minda loves spending time playing and exploring the outdoors with her young family and dog through hiking and biking.