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Mind-Body Therapy

Mind-Body Therapy support for stress, trauma and chronic pain

Mind-body therapies honour each person as a whole and their lived experiences. It considers the interconnections of emotions, thoughts, body, and spirit in the approach to care. These practices are intended to support holistic wellbeing.

What is mind-body therapy used for?

At LivWell, our Mind-Body Therapy service is informed by Yoga Therapy, which merges Western understanding of anatomy, physiology and mind-body psychology with Eastern traditional yogic practices and philosophy to offer personalized support for more vibrant health. Yoga therapy integrates tailored and accessible postures, breathing, meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness practices, while blending somatic tracking, mindful neuro-movement, trauma-theory, and neurobiology education to support the nervous system to restore, recover, and grow in capacity from the effects of chronic stress, trauma, and chronic pain.

One-to-one sessions offer support in the client’s experience and provide tools that are personalized and practicable to bring into the realities and contexts of their daily life.

This service can offer support for:
  • Anxiety + Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Nervous system sensitization
  • Trauma responses
  • Breath holding + Breathing difficulties
  • Post-concussion symptoms
  • Grief
  • Sleep troubles + Insomnia
Intentions of this work:
  • Offer personalized tools, movement practices, and resourcing strategies
  • Support the repair and functioning of the autonomic nervous system
  • Reduce symptoms and effects of chronic stress, trauma, and persistent pain
  • Create greater connection and attunement of your body to foster resilience, self-awareness, and presence
  • Feel more settled and trusting in your body and environment
  • Grow the capacity to be with and work through discomfort, overwhelm, and difficult sensations
  • Cultivate a sense of hope, purpose, and ease on your path forward

*This program is not a substitute for mental healthcare or medical support. Accumulating scientific evidence suggests mind-body therapies can, however, help improve both physical and mental health and can be an impactful complementary support and integration to talk therapy and other healing modalities.