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Alex McKimm

Registered Massage Therapist


Alex attended Acadia University in Nova Scotia, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. However, she is a BC girl through and through, returning to her home town after her time on the east coast.

She started teaching preschool in Victoria. Completing her Early Childhood Educator accreditation in 2008. Through teaching in a wide variety of settings, she developed a confident, research-based practice.

Alex retrained as an RMT in 2017 with Okanagan Valley College of Massage therapy. Blending lessons learned from watching children play, Alex now finds ways to connect with the body through curiosity and joy and presence.

She encourages exploration of the root of the issue being addressed. Helping clients find the different systems attached to it and the pathways and movements that could be contributing to the problem. She helps clients find a way to reverse engineer the issue, through postural awareness, stretch, and strength. Employing a client centered approach in both treatment and designing effective homecare systems. She focuses on using clear communication to explore the client’s treatment goals, empowering and educating them to find relief.

She has been building a treatment style around re-programming habitual neural pathways and directed awareness to address imbalanced patterns. Her practice focuses on passive motions to repattern proprioceptive pathways using a combination deep broad pressure and rocking movements. She aims to have every client feel, heard, and seen and empowered to find relief and relaxation.