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Richelle Muscroft

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

Mind-Body Therapy for Chronic Stress, Trauma, and Persistent Pain

Richelle is a trauma-informed International Association of Yoga Therapy Certified Yoga Therapist offering mind-body therapy to support the nervous system to restore, recover, and grow resilience from the effects of chronic stress, trauma and persistent pain.

Richelle turned to yoga and embodiment practices in her late teens to support her through some traumatic experiences in her life. This led to her desire to help others and receive certification as a Yoga Therapist and is currently in the process of becoming a Somatic Experiencing (SE™) Practitioner as a neurobiological approach to healing trauma. Richelle also has additional trainings and education in Mind-Body therapeutic approaches to chronic pain to assist neurocircuit/neuroplastic pain suffers in addressing the underlying factors that can be contributing to persistent pain such as, over activation of brain’s danger alarm mechanism, nervous system sensitization, stress, unaddressed emotions, and/or fear of the pain.

As a practitioner and human being, Richelle feels extremely honored for the opportunity to offer support for people who are struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, grief, breathing difficulties, post-concussion, sleep disturbances, impacts of adverse experiences, post-traumatic stress and/or post-traumatic stress injuries (PTSD). She holds compassionate space for clients to show up as they are and works together with them to learn and ease through the physical, emotional and psychological states that are affecting their life. Her approach through one-to-one sessions in her Pathway to Possibilities Program weave mindful movement, breathing, relaxation, mindfulness and yoga-informed practices with neuroscience, somatic tracking and trauma-theory to offer integrative support so people have personalized tools and education to create meaningful change in their life.

Along with working with clients 1:1, Richelle is the Site Coordinator for the Squamish Pain Program through Under One Roof and Pain BC and is the co-facilitator of the pain education and support group for folks living with chronic pain. Richelle has also run grief retreats for women who have experienced the death of a loved one(s) and currently teaches resiliency and recovery group movement classes with public safety personnel.

In her spare time, Richelle enjoys being out on her paddle board, spending time in nature, dancing, connecting with friends, reading books, and showing up in matters of social change.

Certifications and Training:

  • IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist | Vancouver School of Healing Arts
  • Somatic Experiencing SE™ Practitioner in Training (Beg I, II, III) | Somatic Experiencing International
  • Mindbody Therapy for Chronic Pain Practitioner | Freedom From Chronic Pain Practitioner Training | Howard Schubiner, MD and Hal Greenham, BSc
  • Movement for Trauma Level 1 | Jane Clapp
  • Occupational Awareness Training- First Responders Trauma Level 1 | First Responder Health
  • Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma + Resiliency Certificate Program | Langara College
  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Training (I and II) | Yoga Outreach, Nicole Marcia, Sarah Holmes de Castro
  • Traumatic Loss Support Group Facilitator Training | BC Victims of Homicide with BC Bereavement Helpline
  • Integrated Systems Model | Chelsea Lee, Diane Lee

Learn more about Richelle and her services on our Mind-Body Therapy page.


Visit her website:   www.richellemuscroft.com